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Hey, I'm Dylan.

WWDC 18 Scholar



Featured Projects.


21/1/19 - Website Development

Once again using wordpress and woocommerce I designed and created finnandcoco.com, a candles website. Their website includes a shop with different candles, which all have different size variations. The customer can pick a size of candle. There was also a special deal where if you buy two of the same sized candle you get a discount. Also the website included shipping, so I setup shipping fees based upon location and the purchase total.

Mafia App

5/11/18 - Pass and play Mafia, done right with amazing custom roles.

As part of a school IT Assingment I decided to make a pass and play Mafia app with Matthew Rensch. The app is pass and play based, meaning you only have to have one device for up to 24 players. The app has many custom roles with custom abilities with more on the way. The app is currently in Beta and is not available for public download but will hopefully be out by December!

Code Cadets Capture The Flag (CTF)

2/11/18 - A fun CTF with easy to hard challenges to do with programming, hacking and forensics.

In Collaberation with several other people we created a CTF Challenge afternoon with 30 challenges, a scoreboard and working flag and team submission system. I created the whole backend, from the sign up form to the scoreboard and flag submission system. I also created over half of the challenges (16) and ran the afternoon in which over 100+ participated.

Timetable Plus

12/07/18 - Timetable Plus is a state of the art timetable app stacked with useful features.

Whilst at WWDC this year, I decided to make the most of my scholarship and work on a project whilst I was there. I eventually settled on making a timetable app like no other, one that would give the user complete controll whilst having an incredibly quick setup and great UI.

Form Sender

5/05/18 - Form Sender is a free email sending solution!

I spent a long time trying to make the perfect contact form and I just couldn't find anything that would process a form without needing a premium account or for the user to be re-directed or fill out some captcha so I decided to create my own, Form Sender.

Form Sender lets you send emails hassle free. If you are using a static website, don't know php or have lots of different contact forms you can use form sender to send them all. Just send your form to our URL and we will do the rest, no PHP or javascript required on your side! Form Sender is perfect for static websites which can't support PHP so just send it to us.

Chinese Flash Cards

Working, cool chinese flash cards.

To help out my chinese class in learning 5 pages of new words I decided that I would make a program to make the flash cards for them. Origionally one of my classmates was going to painstakingly enter the english, chinese and pinyin of over 200 words. I decided to do this in just under an hour by creating a program which turned the words (which were in a PDF File) into an array that I could use for my flash cards. I wrote the program in Python and it transfered all of the words into a txt file in the form of an array. I then used that array in javascript had to decode the chinese so that it would display correctly. You can see the flash cards by pressing view project below..

Chat Room

A fully working chat room!

Recently I created a chat room using google's Firebase. The app works like a message room or group chat. You can log into the chat room by using a google account as I have enabled google authentication. When you log in, your google picture and name is used in the chat room. As the chat room is fairly new, I am working on adding an active users box, so you can see who else is active as well adding stastistics. Note that the app is still in beta, and is not complete.


A new website!

Recently I created a tutorials website to help others learn how to do some cool things in code. The tutorials are aimed at beginners and start from the beggining so anyone can learn. There are lots of different tutorials from how to create a contact form on a static website to including links dynamically with javascript.


A simple hangman game

Touch Bar App

A touch bar app for Mac OS

Check out my latest app. I made a touchbar app for Mac OS wich when you press the "Party" button makes the touchbar flash random colors fast! You can turn off the flashing colors by simply pressing anywhere besides the information window on your screen. The app is designed to have customiseable colors which will be coming soon. To run the app, download it, drag it onto your desktop or somewhere and double click it. You can download my app here. The app is pretty new, please let me know if you find any bugs or have any feedback by contacting me.

Typing Game!

A javascript typing game

A test of speed and spelling! The game generates words and then floats them down the page. You have to type the word in before the word hits the bottom of the page for it to dissapear. If the word hits the bottom of the page you lose a life!

Reaction Test

Test your reactions!

Test your reaction speed in a fun game! Press the screen just as it turns green and try to get the best possible time!


A javascript game

The origional mastermind game! Mastermind is a game of logic where you try to guess an unseen number. As you guess you get feedback on your guess which helps you to solve the number. The game is fun and addictive!

Two Player Pacman

A two player version of pacman!

As a project I made a two player version of the arcade game Pacman. The game features a Chaser and Pacman who go around a maze whilst pacman tries to pick up the fruit. As the game progresses the Chaser gets slowly faster making it harder and harder for Pacman.

Transport Transfer

Gov Hack 2017

As part of the Gov Hack competiton, in collaberation with Zack Noyes we made an app called Transport Transfer. The app uses data such as the weather to decide what type of transport you should take



I have added quite a few tweaks to my Pong app to make it better and easier to use! The updates include fixing the bouncing, user interface upgrades and better customiseablity. Now whenever the ball bounces on a paddle, depending on where the ball hits on the paddle the ball will bounce off at different angles, making the game more like the origional version. For example if the ball hits the edge of the paddle, the ball will go off at a shallower angle whilst if the ball hits the middle it will go straight. The app also now has a much better user interface, and displays better on all devices. The app is still not Ipad compatible but it now works on any iphone size. The app also has more customizability, you can set the speed that the paddles move at, you can make the paddles move slowly or fast to ajust how hard you want to make it. Soon I will add more settings such as paddle color, paddle design, paddle size and ball speed. If you have any suggestions let me know by contacting me. You can also now see a demo of my app in action by pressing the view button!

About Me


2018 Netapp Prize for Initiative and Innovation in Information Technology
WWDC 18 Scholar
Equal 7th Place, BSides Canberra

I am an Australian high school student who in my spare time loves to code, create visually appealing, easy to use and creative apps, websites and software for people to use. In my spare time I enjoy...

Timetable Plus

Timetable Plus

Check out my Timetable app! The one app you will ever need for making your timetable.




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