Bsides is a information security conference. At the conference there were presentations, a physical security village, capture the flag (CTF) and a intrusion response challenge. At Bsides, we decided to mainly participate in the CTF competition which involved solving some pretty tough hacking challenges. In the competition there were over 180 teams ranging from government and corperate professional hackers to school students and enthusists. The competition was held over two days and had 8 unsolved challenges. In total there were 34 challenges which included Binary exploitation, Forensic, OSINT, Crypto, Web and Linux. The top team (cybears) which consisted of many top professionals got a total of 5750 points out of 13075. The difficulty of the challenges were pretty hard. Our team placed equal 7th in the competition with a total of 2725 points.

Scoreboard at the conclusion of the competiton.

During the competiton our team solved some pretty tough challenges involving Buffer Overflows as well as crypto and general challenges. We solved some odd challenges which involved us downloading and playing a custom level of a 90's game as well as hacking our way through a password on a zip file to find the flag. With around 20 mins to go we were in 12th place and we solved three quick problems to move ourselfs into equal 7th. The final challenges involved a buffer overflow as well as two web password challenges.

Overall it was a super cool experiance, with a lock picking village, talks from top people in the industry and the CTF competition. At the presentation, we won a goodies bag for our efforts coming in equal 7th whilst being the youngest team. You can view the Bsides website Here.