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My first app | Swift 4 - 12/1/2018

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Pong - My First App

By Dylan Turner on 12 January, 2018

I have added quite a few tweaks to my Pong app to make it better and easier to use! The updates include fixing the bouncing, user interface upgrades and better customiseablity. Now whenever the ball bounces on a paddle, depending on where the ball hits on the paddle the

The app also now has a much better user interface, and displays better on all devices. The app is still not Ipad compatible but it now works on any iphone size. The app also has more customizability, you can set the speed that the paddles move at, you can make the paddles move slowly or fast to ajust how hard you want to make it. Soon I will add more settings such as paddle color, paddle design, paddle size and ball speed. If you have any suggestions let me know by contacting me. You can also now see a demo of my app in action by pressing the view button!

App Demo:


My first app | Swift 4 - 12/1/2018

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Pong - My First App

By Dylan Turner on 6 January, 2018

Happy new year! I deceided to celebrate by learning swift and making some random apps! Pong is my first (half decent) app, featuring a fully working pong app with extra settings to make it even better! You can set the speed of the ball to vary the difficulty and features such as a customiseable paddle color, paddle size and different modes are coming soon! The app is currently not available on the app store, but may be added soon. The app uses physics to determine where the ball should go after colliding with a paddle and runs smootly. If you are interested in aquiring a copy of the app please contact me.

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