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Play the original single player mastermind game!


How To Play:
- The aim of mastermind is to find the number in the least amount of guesses.
Firstly, you will enter the length of the number you want to guess. The higher the number the greater the difficulty.
Once you have done that, start guessing. Note there are no repeating digits in any number. If your guess has a correct digit in the wrong spot then the number of cows will be one. If your guess has the correct digit in the right spot the number of bulls will be one. If you need further help, Google.

How many digits do you want the number to be? (Between 1 and 10)

Please enter a number between 1 and 10.



Please ensure your guess is not longer or shorter than the set digit length.

Digits in the number: Please select a length.

Guess: Bulls: Cows:

Congratulations! You Won!

You won a loading.. digit game! You guessed the number in guesses.