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Touch Bar App

An app for the Mac Touchbar by Dylan


Please do not use this app if it may cause you or anyone else harm.


The touch bar app randomly spams colors on your touchbar after clicking the "Party" button. You can stop the flashing colors by pressing the "Stop" button.

Below you can see the start button as it appears on the touchbar:

Here is what it looks like in action, There is a bar of color which changes rapidly:

I made this app, because I thought that the touchbar is really under-used and there is hardly ever any colors on the touchbar. I then thought, why not make something cool that I would use, and then share it with others. In the future I will be looking to make the app customiseable with editable color lists as well as fixing up the few issues. I would also love to make it that it is permanent to the touchbar so that when you aren't activly on the window you can still use it. I can't really see any way around this though as Apple has made it that each application has access to the middle area of the touchbar only whilst active.

Downloading Instructions: To download, click the download button. Once you have downloaded it double click the zip file which was downloaded (this should be in your downloads folder). Locate the file in your downloads floder and un-zip it (double click it). Once you have extracted the file called Touch Bar Test, drag it to your desktop. Double click it to run and a window should appear. On your touchbar there should now be a "Party" button.

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