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26/01/19 - Website Development

The website required multiple issues to be fixed and other areas to be cleaned up. I fixed up issues with the menu, made the about page mobile friendly and customised parts of the website. The website is still under development and therefore not currently viewable.


21/1/19 - Website Development

Once again using wordpress and woocommerce I designed and created finnandcoco.com, a candles website. Their website includes a shop with different candles, which all have different size variations. The customer can pick a size of candle. There was also a special deal where if you buy two of the same sized candle you get a discount. Also the website included shipping, so I setup shipping fees based upon location and the purchase total.


12/01/19 - Website Development

As part of a student lead project to deliver political news in an eaiser to understand way we re-modeled our website to now run on wordpress. After creating the website and finalising the design, I added features such as comments, linked post publishing to mailchimp which made the whole process of sending out our posts to users easier and I also migrated all the posts from the old website.

The website now looks better than ever and has lots more features for our writers and readers to enjoy!

Mafia App

5/11/18 - Pass and play Mafia, done right with amazing custom roles.

As part of a school IT Assingment I decided to make a pass and play Mafia app with Matthew Rensch. The app is pass and play based, meaning you only have to have one device for up to 24 players. The app has many custom roles with custom abilities with more on the way. The app is currently in Beta and is not available for public download but will hopefully be out by December!

Code Cadets Capture The Flag (CTF)

2/11/18 - A fun CTF with easy to hard challenges to do with programming, hacking and forensics.

In Collaberation with several other people we created a CTF Challenge afternoon with 30 challenges, a scoreboard and working flag and team submission system. I created the whole backend, from the sign up form to the scoreboard and flag submission system. I also created over half of the challenges (16) and ran the afternoon in which over 100+ participated.

Timetable Plus

12/07/18 - Timetable Plus is a state of the art timetable app stacked with useful features.

Whilst at WWDC this year, I decided to make the most of my scholarship and work on a project whilst I was there. I eventually settled on making a timetable app like no other, one that would give the user complete controll whilst having an incredibly quick setup and great UI.


26/8/18 - Website Development

Created website with several pages and a form which subscribes users.

Form Sender

5/05/18 - Form Sender is a free email sending solution!

I spent a long time trying to make the perfect contact form and I just couldn't find anything that would process a form without needing a premium account or for the user to be re-directed or fill out some captcha so I decided to create my own, Form Sender.

Form Sender lets you send emails hassle free. If you are using a static website, don't know php or have lots of different contact forms you can use form sender to send them all. Just send your form to our URL and we will do the rest, no PHP or javascript required on your side! Form Sender is perfect for static websites which can't support PHP so just send it to us.

Touch Bar App MacOS App Development

MacOS Development - 15/09/2018

I posted an update to my touch bar app, fixing a few bugs and making it easier to use as well as making it purchasable for 99c. You can view the app by visiting the link below and checking out it's features and you can purchase it on my website by visiting the link below.

"Zombie Dodger" iOS App Development

App Development - 1/09/2018

A fun game that you have to dodge zombies which fall from the sky and come up from the grave! The game involves a player controlling a ninja and dragging the ninja around the screen to try and avoid the falling zombies. Over time the game gets more difficult and zombies spawn faster and the game also keeps your high score.

Uninformed Reader Website Web Development

Web Development -25/08/2018

A website designed to easily share political news. The website uses RSS to sync with mailchimp and send out weekly updates, making it easy for the writers to get their content out.

Time Table App iOS App

Swift App Development - 12/07/2018

I finally finished my timetable app! You can now find my timetable app, called Timetable Plus on the app store! It has lots of features like ultra fast timetable creation, individually editing classes, colours and more! Check the website out below and download on the app store!!!

Time Table App iOS App

Swift App Development - 5/05/2018

After looking on the app store for a while to find a good time table app I couldn't find one. I then decided to make my own timetable app with all the features that I wanted. My timetable app is extremely easy to use - You setup your timetable stating how many days and periods in your cycle, you then set the times for the periods. You can then create classes with custom names, room numbers, descriptions and colors. All you have to do to add a class to your timetable is to select it and tap on the slot in the timetable and it adds it for you! I didn't stop there though. I also needed the ability to quickly see what period is coming up next as well the next & previous period. To solve this I made a widget that based upon the current time it displays the previous, current and next period! Currently all of the processes in the app fully work although I am adding to the user interface to make it easier to use. You can expect to see the app on the app store soon!

Form Sender Web App PHP

Web App & Development - 5/05/2018

After quite a bit of work the website is now live! You can now send emails using just HTML and customise it quite a bit. Make sure to check out the advanced documentation to see how you can customise it. Form Sender now completly works. Make sure to check it out by pressing view below.

Tic Tac Toe App iOS App

iOS App - 23/04/2018

As part of an assignment I have made an iOS app that plays Tic Tac Toe against a computer. The app is much like the javascript version on the website which can be found here. The computer will try to win, block or if none of those two are possible then make a random move. The computer is pretty hard to beat. I may add a download link where you can download the app soon.

Form Sender Web App PHP

Web App & Development - 22/04/2018

After a while I decided that my contact form just wasn't good enough. Not only did I not use my own code to send any of the forms but I also had to send my users to do externall re-caphcas which wasn't great. I then did some research into how to make my own email form sending service and with that I did. I made Form Sender, a complete email sending service that works on static websites, with as many inputs as you want and can be sent to any email. Sadly the website isn't live for public use as I have to work out how to prevent abuse of the platform and users sending scam emails through it. I hope to make the service live soon but I also require good email hosting that will let me send unlimited emails. The service is much better than its nearest competitiors as it doesn't re-direct your viewers anywhere and can be used for any type of form.

More Website UpdatesWebsite Development

Website Updates - 16/04/2018

I have further update the website by adding animations to the homepage. The homepage now has animations that activate on view which brings the page to life. I have also updated the homepage of my tutorials website to look better and more like a tech website.

Chat Room Website Development Backend

Chat Room - 7/04/2018

Recently I created a chat room using google's Firebase. The app works like a message room or group chat. You can log into the chat room by using a google account as I have enabled google authentication. When you log in, your google picture and name is used in the chat room. As the chat room is fairly new, I am working on adding an active users box, so you can see who else is active as well adding stastistics. Note that the app is still in beta, and is not complete.

Happy Easter Website Development

Easter Page - 25/03/2018

I have decided to make an easter page to celebrate easter. You can view it by clicking the link here. Note that there is no navigation on the page. The easter 2018 project is a small animation to celebrate this years easter, see if you can spot the bunny!

Tutorials Website UpdatesWebsite Development

Website Updates - 10/03/2018

I have added a new tutorial to my tutorial website - how to make a PHP contact form. I have also added new support for making the code snippets appear colored. This means that the code snippets are now automatically colored like the would appear in any code editor. Check out my latest tutorial here.

More Website UpdatesWebsite Development

Website Updates - 1/04/2018

I have continued to add some cool updates to my website to make it even more sleek. On the homepage, there is no longer the scrappy projects part, it has now been replaced by nice tiles each featuring a small description of a project. I have also further updated the homepage with the "Blog Hexagon's" which show images of some of the blog images and when hovered on display a description and link to the blog page. I am also currently upgrading the website so that it can be https. Also, you may have noticed that on the tutorials website I have included comments, I have also rolled out the comments onto my blog page and I am looking to do so with some of the tools as well. More updates to come!

New Tutorials Website!Website Development

Tutorials - 1/03/2018

I have decided to create a new website just for tutorials. The website is currently under development but looking pretty good, if you would like to get a sneak peak you can visit it here. The website is aimed to give tutorials on things that are pretty hard to find on the internet, but are also super usefull in everyday coding. If you ahve any suggestions on how the website should look please contact me. Also if you have any ideas on tutorials that I could write please contact me.

Website UpdatesWebsite Development

Website Updates - 23/02/2018

I have added many updates to my website. Firstly in the lab part of my website there is now a collapsable side menu. You can access this menu by selecting any tool, and down the bottom right hand side there will be a button with "Show Menu" on it. Click the button and a minature version of the menu will scroll in from the side allowing you to access any tool from any tool page without having to go back to the lab homepage. I suggest you check it out as it is pretty cool. Other updates include changes and fixes to the menu's, for example the footer didn't display correctly on the blog page, and some of the Menu's were in consistent. There were also many other consistency updates, with buttons and notifications updated across the website.

In the works are some other new features such as making a new website just for tutorials which should be coming soon! The website for tutorials will have many code tutorials aimed at being able to be learnt by anyone. The website will also have information about how to optimise websites and hints. Also I will be updating the look of the Touch Bar App page to make it easier to read and wider.

TouchBar App Mac OS

TouchBar App - 13/02/2018

Check out my latest app. I made a touchbar app wich when you press the "Party" button makes the touchbar flash random colors fast! The app is designed to have customiseable colors which will be coming soon. To run the app, download it, drag it onto your desktop or somewhere and double click it. You can download my app here. The app is pretty new, please let me know if you find any bugs or have any feedback by contacting me.

Pong - Update App

Updated Pong App - 12/01/2018

I have added quite a few tweaks to my Pong app to make it better and easier to use! The updates include fixing the bouncing, user interface upgrades and better customiseablity. Now whenever the ball bounces on a paddle, depending on where the ball hits on the paddle the ball will bounce off at different angles, making the game more like the origional version. For example if the ball hits the edge of the paddle, the ball will go off at a shallower angle whilst if the ball hits the middle it will go straight. The app also now has a much better user interface, and displays better on all devices. The app is still not Ipad compatible but it now works on any iphone size. The app also has more customizability, you can set the speed that the paddles move at, you can make the paddles move slowly or fast to ajust how hard you want to make it. Soon I will add more settings such as paddle color, paddle design, paddle size and ball speed. If you have any suggestions let me know by contacting me. You can also now see a demo of my app in action by pressing the view button!

Pong! App

My First (half decent) App! - 06/01/2018

Happy new year! I deceided to celebrate by learning swift and making some random apps! Pong is my first (half decent) app, featuring a fully working pong app with extra settings to make it even better! You can set the speed of the ball to vary the difficulty and features such as a customiseable paddle color, paddle size and different modes are coming soon! The app is currently not available on the app store, but may be added soon. The app uses physics to determine where the ball should go after colliding with a paddle and runs smootly. If you are interested in aquiring a copy of the app please contact me.

Random Products GameWebsite

A javascript game - 22/12/2017

Random Products is currently a unique Beta game. The game selects a random product from a list and then pixelises the image. The job of the user is to guess what the product is. If you guess the product incorrectly, the image becomes less pixleised and easier to guess but you get less points. If you guess incorrectly 3 times, you lose a life and you have three lives in the game. The game is currently not hosted anywhere although I intend to host it when I add more products.

Hangman Game

A javascript game - 02/12/2017

Hangman is a fun game with different levels of difficulty. There are three diferent levels of difficulty which change how difficult the word is and how many lives you get. There is also a cool balloon animation and if you get a letter incorrect you lose a balloon, if you lose all balloons you die and fall into the shark below. The game is currently in Beta, with a very basic word list and animations. If you are interested in making a word list / helping me out please let me know by contacting me (contact me)! In future updates I will add catergories and hints for the words.

Reaction Test Game

A javascript game - 11/11/2017

A fun fully working reaction test. Have fun beating your friends and proving your quicker them then with this visually appealing reaction test! The reaction test can be used to determine how fast your reaction speed is. You can view it Here. In the furture the game may be updated to a click the dot type game where a user has to click the dot with varing levels of difficulty.

Mastermind Game

A javascript game - 5/11/2017

The origional mastermind game! Mastermind is a game of logic where you try to guess an unseen number. As you guess you get feedback on your guess which helps you to solve the number. The game is fun and addictive! You can view it Here.

In collaberation with Matthew Rensch

Two Player Pacman Game

A javascript game - 30/10/2017

A fun game made as part of an IST assingment. The game is currently only two player but in the future will have ghosts. The game features a versus version of Pacman where one player is Pacman and the other a Ghost. You can view it Here.

This website Website Development

HTML / CSS / JS Development - 19/10/2017

I started this website around the 19th of October. The website features most of my work and includes my page. The lab page is where all my little projects go.

Transport Transfer Website Development

HTML / CSS / JS / Swift Development - 19/8/2017

Transport Transfer was an app created to help people to decide what mode of transport to take. It is designed to be easy to use, and visually appealing. The app uses government data to determine which form of transport is quickest to take to a certain destination. The transport types include public transport such as busses, walking, driving and cycling. The app takes into account weather data as well to determine whether you can ride or walk. The app is not currently on the app store.

In collaberation with Zack NoYes