Timetable Plus

Timetable Plus is a state of the art timetable app stacked with useful features including quick setup and easy access. Set up your timetable in less than two minutes!

Incredibly Quick Setup

Set up your timetable in seconds through our easy-to-follow tutorial. Create classes once, then add them to your timetable with a single tap to efficiently build your timetable.

Easy Editing

Edit your Timetable simply. Use Presets to quickly setup a class and edit the description! You can edit anything for the classes edit page, the name, description, room or colour!

Complete Control

Have complete controll of your timetable. Use powerful features to easily change any setting, class or lesson. Take advantage of features to effectivly manage your timetable.

Apple Watch Capability

Sync with your apple watch to access your timetable at a glance! Easy to sync, with one touch!


Get the widget and view your classes without logging into the app! The widget is dynamic and shows you the current, next and after periods or, if at the end of the day shows you your previous and current periods.

These Features and More!

Timetable Plus was designed to be able to work with anyones timetable, and has many powerful features.

Fit for everyone

Have a custom amount of Days & Periods to suit all different timetables. You can use Timetable Plus for anything!

Quick Setup

Quickly setup your timetable through the tutorial.

Custom Classes

Create Classes with a custom name, room number, description and colour. Change it at any time!

One Touch Lessons

Quickly setup your timetable's lessons by creating a class once , selecting it and adding it to the timetable easily.


Timetable Plus also comes with a widget to tell you what your current, next and previous classes are.

Period Times

Setup times for your classes!

Manage Classes

Manage classes easily, edit their name, room number, description and colour and remove classes.

Individual Edit

Individually edit lessons. to fix any errors or to make custom notes or lessons.

Advanced Features

Used advanced features like setting a custom start date to allow for advanced usage.

Need Help?

If you require any help getting setup or are havng any trouble with the app please visit the support contact form. If you find any bugs please also send me a message via the form.

Got Suggestions or Feedback?

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please get in touch via the support contact form. All suggestions and feedback are taken into account and usually result in updates to the app!